Recent Synchronicities

I’m rereading one of my favorite books, The Bullet Journal Method, right now. It is a grounding thing to return to once or twice a year. Not only that but I learn something new every time I read it, deepening my understanding of the method.

Then I started reading a book my mom gave me, Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie. I was surprised that this book about drawing had similarities to The Bullet Journal Method. Both authors write about how our world has become all about more: more connected, faster, more productive, and more pressured! We’ve led ourselves to be overwhelmed as a consequence of more, leaving some with a desire for connectedness: to themselves, their surroundings, and to others. The harmony in these two books was so unexpected to me yet pleasantly so. There is some magic in putting pen to paper each day, whether it be to write or draw.

Speaking of nature journals, I just bought a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing and the Critterpedia is one of my favorite features. There is a sick irony in it, though. I enter a virtual realm to collect natural objects – fish, insects, fossils – yet I can’t bring myself to leave the house for a similar adventure in my own backyard. I could collect every critter in the video game and what would I have to show for it in real life? Not much. Maybe it’s time to finally get on the birding bandwagon…

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