Weekly Roundup / Jan 14, 2022

The weekly roundup is my offering of inspiring things I found online in the past week. May they bring you some pearl of wisdom, joy, or humor.

Article – The Seattle Man who has Published More Than 125 Crosswords in NYT
I really enjoyed this feature from the Seattle Times. I love doing the NYT Sunday crossword, though I never finish it. One reason this article resonated is because my favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother might be “Robots vs. Wrestlers“, where Ted Mosby’s love of crosswords, madrigals, and other snooty things irks the rest of the group. (sidenote – who else is excited for the start of How I Met Your Father with Hilary Duff next week?)

Blog post – Bookcore: How Everyone is Dressing Like a Bookstore Regular
Speaking of snooty Ted Mosby, who loves a tweed jacket with elbow patches, my friend sent me this post from menswear blog Die, Workwear. I am fully in favor of dressing like a retired academic or art student to be “bookcore”.

Video – Elk Steaks with Foraged Elderberries
If you are a Seattle local you know of chef Maria Hines. She closed her restaurant, Tilth, during the pandemic and is now doing this awesome video series with REI. I loved this one highlighting indigenous foods with her friend and former sous chef, Bobbie.

Photo by Kira Larina

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