Rest In Peace, Virgil and Stephen

We lost two artists recently: Virgil Abloh and Stephen Sondheim. May we take lessons from their creative work to honor their memory. Here are some interesting snippets I collected from their obituaries.

Virgil Abloh

This NYT obituary highlights how Virgil shared online prolifically. It’s a democratic thing to do and reminded me of Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. While I was not familiar with Abloh during his life, it was fascinating to read about his accomplishments. Perhaps most of all how he simply opened himself to communicating with anyone who reach out via DM.

Stephen Sondheim

NPR and the LA Times both share the same sentiment; Bernadette Peters said of Stephen, he writes like an actor, and Barbra Streisand said, “his lyrics are like scenes that call upon the singer to be an actor, the actor to be a singer.” The LA Times obit says more about how Sondheim was an innovator among his contemporaries. It barely scratches the surface and leaves me wanting to know more.

Above all, both men were regarded as mentors and leaders in their fields. The message is to pay it forward upon your own successes.

Photo by Meghna R

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