Weekly Roundup / Nov 5, 2021

Podcast – Seth Godin on The Tim Ferriss Show
Last week I went to the library and checked out Tribes by Seth Godin. He had a good blog post recently; relevant to things I was seeing at work at the time. These two things led me to download the podcast episode from 2016 where Tim interviewed Seth. There are a lot of good takeaways from the conversation. One that really stuck with me is the fact that Seth watches no T.V. and criticizes how TV-centric our culture is. It’s a concept I’ve struggled with for the past two years; wanting to rebel against it at times and wanting to conform to it at other times.
Note – the episode is easy to find and download on Apple Podcasts if you simply search “Seth Godin”

Video – 12 Stoic Questions That Will Change Your Life
This video from Ryan Holiday made me think. The two questions I dwelled on were: “to be or to do,” and “if I am not for me, who is? If I am only for me, who am I?” Let me take it back to the T.V. example. Do I care about getting credit for having watched the latest and greatest on Netflix? Or do I care about a mission larger than myself that will require me to spend my time not in front of a screen, but rather fighting or serving or trailblazing? That is a million dollar question.

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