The Listening Path Book Review


The latest book from Julia Cameron, The Listening Path: The Creative Art of Attention, was published in January of this year. It has received mixed reviews. I took the time to read it and here are my takeaways.


  • She reintroduces morning pages and artist dates from The Artist’s Way. Somehow reading about them again (for the umpteenth time) did not feel stale. This section re-invigorated me and made me want to resume both!
  • A new idea, believing mirrors, is presented. A believing mirror is someone you can turn to when you’re experiencing self-doubt and their advice will reflect back what you should do next.
  • Chapter five is called listening to our heroes. I have never before heard about the idea of writing a letter to someone you admire with no intention of sending it and just seeing what outcomes may result. I found this surprisingly appealing.

Influence on Me

The Listening Path gave me a better perspective about artist dates, which I found challenging before. I wrote about it in-depth in this blog post.

Why You Should Read It

If you’re already familiar with The Artist’s Way and want to experience Julia’s writing in a new way and in the new century you will enjoy this. If you haven’t already read The Artist’s Way I recommend you start there.

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