Weekly Roundup / Jun 18, 2021

The weekly roundup is my offering of inspiring things I found online in the past week. May they bring you some pearl of wisdom, joy, or humor.

Photographer Spotlight – Oumayma B. Tanfous
I just discovered this blog, booooooom, which features many artists. I love these portraits, especially the warm light that makes each one glow.

Video – The Choreography of In The Heights
I saw In the Heights last weekend and the dancing was one of my favorite parts of it. I now want to go take a salsa class! I loved how the film showed unexpected types of dance – like the hands in the nail salon scene and the breaking in the pool scene – and different body types were included.

Performance – “Put on a Happy Face,” Derek Hough and Laura Osnes
There were a number of great performances at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors for Dick van Dyke and Debbie Allen. This was just one!

Summer begins this weekend! What are your summer plans?

Have a fabulous weekend,

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