3 Ted Talks About Creativity

There are countless TED talks about creativity. I am sure my selections here are just scratching the surface. But I enjoy them all and find some inspirations in each one. May they do the same for you.

Ethan Hawke Give Yourself Permission to be Creative

  • We think we need to make something Good. That idea is the enemy of creativity, though.
  • Most people aren’t reading poetry, they’re too busy living life. Then something happens, like a death or a breakup, and art is suddenly a necessity to make sense of the world.
  • As an actor Ethan has played all sorts of characters. This allowed him to see that his own life is not that unique. It’s similar to the shared experiences of others, from cops to criminals and from priests to sinners.
  • Creativity can take many shapes. His brother joined the military and “his creativity was leadership and bravery,” equally as powerful as Ethan’s creativity as an actor.
  • Creativity is vital. It’s a dialogue. It enables us to witness common humanity.

Adam Grant The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

  • Procrastination in moderation increases creativity.
  • Procrastinating is a vice for productivity and a virtue for creativity.
  • Be quick to start and slow to finish.
  • Be more afraid of failing to try than of failure.
  • To get to quality, you need a high quantity.

Simone Giertz Why You Should Make Useless Things

  • Simone was afraid of feeling stupid. It was her biggest fear, in fact.
  • She realized the way to succeed all the time was to only build things that would fail. So that became the goal.
  • Without pressure or expectation, Simone could embrace an attitude of play and exploration.
  • Building useless things became her career, something she could not have anticipated as a kid thinking about what to do when she grew up.
  • Simone stayed on the path of useless inventions with curiosity and enthusiasm. Surprisingly, this represents success because she was not stuck on a hamster wheel.

Are there any TED talks or YouTube videos you find inspiring? Leave a link in the comments!

Have a great week,

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