Weekly Roundup / Apr 2, 2021

The weekly roundup is my offering of inspiring things I found online in the past week. May they bring you some pearl of wisdom, joy, or humor.

Article – Twyla Tharp and Her Body of Perpetual Motion
What coincidental timing that I just finished reading Twyla’s The Creative Habit and now there is a new PBS documentary about her work. I am intrigued to hear her purpose for the rest of her life will be to find a way for her works to continue on. It is a problem other artists do not struggle with. I admire her unstoppable work ethic and look forward to watching the documentary in full.

Podcast – Jon Batiste on Fresh Air
I am not a Fresh Air listener but this episode was recommended to me and wow, what a great interview. I admire how well he knows his instrument, the piano. He really understands the history of it, as shown by his arrangement of the national anthem. I also loved hearing how he created a way to give tribute to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar licks on the piano.

What are your exciting reads and listens from the past week?

Have a fabulous weekend,

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