Weekly Roundup / Mar 26, 2021

I’m doing something different in this week’s roundup. In light of recent events – two mass shootings on top of the anniversary of entering a pandemic – maybe you feel burnt out, tired, depressed, angry, or grieving. That may lead you to feel less creative or productive than you might wish to be right now. Below are three videos that might help you with concrete, actionable tips.

What to do When You Feel Like Doing Nothing
Aileen says when you feel burnt out, don’t force yourself to be productive or get your life together. Instead, just be. Do the opposite of what you might think: slow down and rest. If you “worry that if you do nothing your life won’t move forward, that’s not true.”

Stuck in a creative slump?
Toni described how at the start of the pandemic she felt she could get so much creative work done, but now a year has passed with nothing to show for it. Marie’s advice to get her is succinct: move your body and get clarity on just one project.

This is Why You Don’t Feel Inspired
Thomas says the key to feeling inspired is exploration. It is similar to scratching, which I wrote about here. He describes the creative process as collecting dots and connecting dots. Three ways to go about exploring are: study people you admire, try out new experiences and opportunities, and don’t let labels restrict you.


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