Weekly Roundup / Mar 12, 2021

The weekly roundup is my offering of inspiring things I found online in the past week. May they bring you some pearl of wisdom, joy, or humor.

Article – Triangulating Math, Mozart, and Moby Dick
Chalk this one up as a win for female firsts and the overlaps between math and art. Read about Dr. Sarah Hart and her position as chair of geometry (founded in 1597!) at Gresham College in London. She argues that the mathematical references in Moby Dick indicate that author Herman Melville had a sophisticated understanding of the discipline.

Etsy Shop – The Shop PDX
I was down an Etsy rabbit hole one night and found this really cool shop. Sam sells restored vintage items, like clocks, egg timers, and typewriters. I was in awe looking at this stuff. Household things just aren’t made now like they used to be.

Video – Gypsy Jazz Everybody Wants to be a Cat
So fun. The francophile in me felt joy when I saw this video. Not to mention The Aristocats was a favorite of mine in childhood.

Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend, friends. What are you looking forward to this spring?

Have a fabulous weekend,

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