Baking and Pop Songs

The creative baking class has made me appreciate so much more how things are made. Not just food but other creative forms too. Like I watched Song Exploder and I feel like I better grasp the process of making a song. And I see the connection between the two art forms in the number of creative tools at the artist’s disposal. Like a pastry chef may have all the ingredients, the oven, the spices, and the food processor then how they utilize all those things has endless possibilities. And when a producer makes a record they have all the instruments, synths, claps, backing vocals, and reverb. There are just so many elements they could put together that it’s almost overwhelming but I finally see how that also means there exists potential for greatness. And maybe it’s not right for us to always pursue greatness. But I certainly am coming around on the idea that it’s about playing with all the things before you. Use all the tools at your disposal and try little combinations of them together. Maybe one day you’ll make a happy pie and another day you’ll make a warm tune and that alone, that little moment however fleeting, is what makes the trials and prototypes worthwhile.

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