Weekly Roundup / Jan 29, 2021

The weekly roundup is my offering of inspiring things I found online in the past week. May they bring you some pearl of wisdom, joy, or humor.

Video – Hayley Williams tiny desk concert
Things I like about this set: The bass and guitar. The lyrics and emotion. Haley’s rainbow hair. It’s fun and funky!

Ad – Make Movies Like the Movies
We are so fortunate to live in a time where this tool is accessible to us. Imagine you lived 50 years ago and wanted to make a film. It would be a pipe dream! Now you can find a couple friends and some stuff found around the house and create something awe-some. (Sidenote – do you want to see a blog post reacting to super bowl ads next month?)

Blog post – David Epstein’s Range
This book has caught my attention before, and I was caught again with this review (well not exactly a review) Austin wrote. The notion that there are folks out there who are against people learning to read musical notation is wild to me, but I see where they come from. I am eager to read the book one day soon.

What did you find online this week?

Have a fabulous weekend,

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