Art Before Breakfast Book Review


Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory is a mix of creative challenges (drawing mainly with a little painting thrown in near the end) and motivational messages to encourage the reader to continue their creative pursuits. This short video captures the spirit of making art (not Art) before breakfast.


  • Obstacles will occur. Keep going. (p. 79)
  • Slow down and see details. It will enrich your life. (p. 40)
  • Drawing can be a gateway to other creative pursuits. (p. 102)

Influence on Me

  • This book is one I come back to whenever I’m needing a little spark to continue drawing. Reading just a few pages can get me on track.
  • If I’m being honest with myself, it is very possible that the connection to breakfast is what has made Danny’s philosophy stick with me. I love eating and drawing food!
  • Danny is a poet, an artist of words as well as images. His vocabulary and penmanship are funky in the best way. They make me want to be more eloquent.

Why You Should Read It

Danny teaches an informal, accessible approach to drawing that anyone could pick up. But really I think the greatest takeaway is you should be awake to observing life. There is so much beauty surrounding you if only you would open your eyes. And while you’re at it why not make some art, too?

Have you read Art Before Breakfast or any of Danny’s other books? Or do you have another favorite book on the subject of drawing?

Your friend,

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