5 Quarantine-Friendly Artist Date Ideas

I have been disappointed that during the pandemic some really wonderful artist date options are not available. Museums, coffee shops, and live music are not accessible for now. But fear not! For I have ideas of things that can be done at home to spark inspiration.

  1. Put on an album and draw or doodle. I have found that doing this for just 20 to 30 minutes can be really invigorating. If you need a music recommendation, here is a playlist I love.
  2. Cook a new recipe. You can even add depth to this event by allowing it to transport you. For example, I made some petite french chocolate cakes a couple months ago. I put on the French Cafe playlist from Spotify and let my mind wander about dreams of visiting France when we can all travel again.
  3. Read a magazine or two. I love magazines, but I often don’t allow myself the indulgence of buying them. I changed my mind during the quarantine since I’m not spending money on social events or dining out like I would in normal times. My personal favorites are fashion and interior design magazines. Lap in the visual luxury!
  4. Play with colored pencils, paints, or crayons. I am not talking about drawing or painting a picture. Just testing out every color you own. Mixing colors if the medium is suited to that. Just getting the colors on paper and feeling comfortable about using them can jump start your creativity. Identify your favorites. Put them all on one page that you can pin up someplace you will see every day.
  5. Write postcards or a letter. This is a fun activity, especially now when we may be missing some of our loved ones. We have new ways to connect, such as Zoom, but sending and receiving good old-fashioned letters always brings me joy. Crazy as it sounds, mailing yourself a letter is novel as well. Write yourself words of encouragement!

How have you spurred inspiration and creativity while at home?

Best wishes,

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